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1. What is Damage Excess?

Damage excess is the amount of money you will need to pay City Centre Car Rentals if your hire car gets damaged or stolen whilst in your care.

2. How do I reduce my damage excess?

“Premium Insurance” option is available at $10.25 per day to reduce your damage excess.

3. What is not covered when Premium Insurance is chosen?

  1. Any off-road (off sealed roads) damage;
  2. Any underbody or overbody damage due to lack of care when driving or in prohibited areas (i.e. unsealed roads, driving over a median divider, not allowing sufficient clearance above vehicle roof when overhead is low, example low tree, carpark etc.)
  3. Any driver other than those nominated on the Agreement;
  4. Any accident not reported to City Centre Car Rentals (and the Police if police attendance is required) within the required time limit;
  5. Any accident where the driver is driving against local traffic laws or charged by Police with an alcohol / drug offence.

4. What should I do in the event of an accident or if the vehicle breaks down?

Please call City Centre Car Rentals immediately for assistance and support.

5. Do I still have to pay the excess if I involved in an accident but it isn’t my fault?

You are still required to pay the excess to City Centre Car Rentals. If you are deemed NOT AT FAULT by WA Police and City Centre Car Rentals has recovered the cost of damages from the at-fault party, the excess will be refunded to you.

6. Is there a bond or deposit?

Yes, a Pre-authorisation (or known as a security deposit/bond) is an amount that will be put on hold onto the nominated card, at time of collecting the rental vehicle. The pre-authorisation is held onto your card and will be released upon the safe return of the vehicle.

The pre-authorisation amount is $500.00 for credit card payments, and $1,100.00 for debit card payments.

For Interstate and International travelers, the security/deposit amount is $500.00 on condition that return flight details (and Passport for International travelers only) are presented for.

7. How do I make the payment?

We accept payment from Master, Visa and American Express (3.0% surcharge applied) debit/credit cards. Payments are processed when you collect the car.

8. What do I need to provide to hire a car?

You will need to present and provide a valid driver’s license and debit / credit card in your own name.

9. Do you accept overseas driver’s license?

Yes we do, if the overseas license held is not written in English then you must hold a valid international driver permit.

10. Can I smoke in the car?

No, smoking in the rented vehicle is not permitted and a minimum of $60 cleaning fee will be incurred.

11. What is the minimum age requirement for hiring a car

The hirer must be at least 21 years old or above to hire a car. Please note that a young driver fee will apply if the renter is aged under 25 years old.

12. Are there any cancellation fees?

No, we do not charge cancellation fees as long as you inform us at least 48 hours prior to your confirmed date of hire. There will be no penalty for COVID-19 related cancellations even on short notice, as long as you inform us.

13. Will I be able to extend my hire period after confirming my reservation?

Yes, any hire extensions are subject to vehicle availability. Hence please inform our office as soon as possible, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. If the extension is granted, you will also need to come into the office to sign for the extension and make payment for the additional hire costs.

14. What if I realize I don’t need the car for that long a booking, do I get a refund?

Yes, but we will need at least 48hours of notice and 50% of the unused period will be refunded.

15. Can I pick up or return a car outside of normal office hours?

Yes, after hour service is available but please do pre-arrange with us and an After Hour Fee of $20.00 will be incurred.

16. Will my credit card be charged immediately after confirming my reservation?

No, after providing us your credit card details to secure your reservation, your credit card will only be charged on the day of your arrival.
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